Dr. Tracey Jensen Shares Valuable Pet Health Tips in recent Dogster and Catster Issues

Dr. Tracey Jensen, founding member of Wellington Veterinary Hospital and BHC’s Chief Medical Officer, recently shared with Jackie Brown, contributing author for  Dogster and Catster, valuable information regarding free feeding of cats, decoding gas in dogs and what you should know regarding Giardia. Hoping to gain insight on these common topics? Simply click on the […]

BHC’s upcoming presentation at 2017 VHA Fall Owner’s Economic Summit

Attending the VHA Fall Owner’s Economic Summit? If so, look out for our workshop “Swimming with the Sharks”, where participants will be provided real hospital financial statements and tasked with examining them to identify opportunities and strengths, suggest improvements and then make a presentation to the financial “sharks “to seek funding to purchase their practice. […]

BHC’s COO, Dusty Bonner, Honored at Kiwanis Veteran’s Lunch

This past week, BHC’s COO, Dusty Bonner, had the privilege of accompanying BHC’s Jeannie Bellsmith to the Kiwanis Veteran’s Lunch, where he was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his service to our country. Dusty and Jeannie are pictured below along with Deputy Commissioner, Heather French Henry, who presented Dusty with this honor. Deputy […]

The Importance of Preventive Care

Preventive care is a commonly underutilized service veterinarians provide today, and it’s one of the most important. So how can we change that? I stepped back to take an overall view of what preventive care encompasses and how important it is for the patients and clients we serve. Click here to read the full article […]

Advancing Business & Financial Acumen in the Veterinary Profession

Through an Editorial Advisory Board position with Veterinarian’s Money Digest, BHC’s Stith Keiser is proud to help advance Vet’s Money Digest’s and BHC’s commitment to positively shaping the lives of practice owners by arming them with the tools and resources to find financial success in their personal and professional lives. Learn More: Business Wire Veterinarian’s […]