Anita Voldock

Office Manager

Pembroke Animal Hospital

Blue Herron Consulting played a critical role in helping our team develop and define the practice we are today.

Prior to the consultation, Dr. Keiser worked with the management team on an individual basis in order to determine the scope of our concerns and purpose of the consultation, and set clear expectations for each member. This, in turn, gave him an insight into how the clinic was being managed and developed an improvement strategy, making the consultation process more productive overall.

He formed a leadership team and articulated our own goals, and helped determine how we wanted to move forward to achieve them. He kept the process simple and easy to execute. He became our biggest cheerleader and challenged the team. He helped individuals see their full potential and helped us achieve our number one goal; becoming AAHA Clinic of the year.

We truly benefited from his positive “Getter Done” attitude. This led to significant steps forward and we were able to develop a workplace that we all believe in.