Devin Corban

Practice Manager

Altitude Veterinary Hospital

I was hired on as the Practice Manager for Altitude Veterinary Hospital right about the same time we started with BHC. Having worked in management positions in the past I was used to it but as always, it can be hard to build trust in a new place. When you add on the stress of needing to find “Bench Marks” within the business (as this was a new field to me), you can imagine how difficult it would be being new. Being able to partner with BHC not only helped give me the “Bench Marks” needed but the voice in the owners ears as to the changes that were needed to hit these as well.

Truly having a partner through the process of change helped us go beyond what anyone imagined, greatly decreased my stress, and took us literally to the top performing practice within our region! I would highly recommend BHC to any practice wanting to be more successful!