John Hallett, DVM


Hallett Veterinary Hospital

Blue Heron Consulting has made practice fun again. They listen, observe and evaluate before making recommendations that fit our practice. They have provided outside accountability that takes pressure off me as the managing partner.

My partners were reluctant to bring in an outside consultant but after going through the site visit, they are on board with making the changes needed to grow and improve our practice.  Their biggest fear was that change would be driven by dollars alone. Blue Heron’s approach is to put the patient and client first, coach doctors and staff to practice good, thorough medicine all the time and profit will follow. Our first full month after the site visit our gross was up 47% over the same month last year.

If I tried to bring about the degree of change that is happening in our practice, it would be called micromanaging. Blue Heron has a special way of empowering, guiding and supporting staff to bring out the best in everyone and to bring about change from within.

Probably the most important support they are providing is to our practice manager. Without a strong practice manager, change will be temporary. They expect a tremendous amount from our practice manager but they are giving her the tools, support and structure to make the changes sustainable.