Why We Do What We Do

We exist to change lives. We take the time to understand your Why, and are passionate about giving you the guidance, resources, and skills to live the kind of life you want to live. Because you deserve that.

How We Do What We Do

You get an Operational Coach and a Medical Team Coach. Experienced, dynamic, and thoughtful, you will have the team who helps you build a sustainable, profitable, and thriving practice.

Have you built an island?

We work with many veterinarians who have built limits into their business; instead of building a sustainable venture, they work to do everything themselves. Long hours, high stress, thin profits, and inconsistent patient care become a burden to grin and bear. It can even cause a great doctor to question whether or not they are good enough to do it. These problems are not specific to any one kind of veterinary practice. They can be found in solo-practitioners in rural america, multi-doctor practices in the suburbs, or large, multi-location hospitals in big cities. This is a symptom of the old way of building and running a veterinary practice.

We coach the new way.

We exist because we believe you deserve to live a life you can be excited about. We exist because we believe you deserve to build and run the kind of practice that you know, deep down, you are capable of creating. There is a path to this kind of life. We just show you how to walk it.

Your Path

The first step is to click the “Request Consultation” button to schedule our initial call where we will get to know each other, discuss your goals and challenges, and give you clear expectations on what it’s like to collaborate with BHC. We will review costs, timelines, and goals. Should this seem like a good fit (it usually does), the next three steps look like this:

1) Discovery
We take the time to understand your Why because that’s what drives our work together. We want to know about your purpose and mission, and to learn about the kind of life you want to live. After an agreement is signed, we will carefully review your financial documents and KPIs and then conduct a cultural assessment to ensure we understand your team – their strengths, their dynamics and their opportunities for growth.

2) Diagnostic Visit
Your Medical Team Coach and Operational Coach will spend several days onsite to observe and diagnose opportunities within your practice. We take the time to observe the ebbs and flows within your practice, get to know your workflows, culture, and standards. We have a one on one meeting with each person on your team. As we match the numbers to the on-site visit, a clear picture of your practice emerges.

3) Coaching
Once we understand where you are and where you want to go, we can begin to guide you along the path that takes you there. We will deliver a written Diagnostic Report, accompanied by a detailed Action Plan, which is broken down month by month over the next twelve months. We’ll establish an onsite team of leaders to spearhead projects within the hospital. Every week, your Medical Team Coach will be on the phone with you and your associates. Every week, your Operational Team Coach will be on the phone with your manager. We will be guiding, coaching, cultivating. The end result is sustainable growth and success.

Once in a while, the click of a button can change our lives.

Click “Request Consultation” below, and let’s see if we can change yours. After all, that’s our Why.

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Your Future

We only have one life to live. We want the best for yours. When we speak to BHC clients, they tell us the same things again and again. You will learn how to approach problems in a level headed way. You will learn how to prioritize, not sweat the small stuff, and get the critical things done. You’ll have a team that is empowered, understands their role within the practice, and takes pride in their work. The bad days aren’t nearly as bad, and the good days are deeply exciting. You will gain a level of confidence in yourself and your goals that will make you proud of your practice and your life.

There is so much to share and so much to see. We can’t wait for you to discover life after BHC.