Adventure CE Pack Trip

Dr. Darren Taul, one of BHC’s own Quality of Care Coaches, is a facilitator on an upcoming AAHA Pack Trip in Jackson Hole, WY July 27 – July 30th. Learn More.

Beyond the Ordinary Veterinary Management Education

Dr. Darren Taul has been asked by AAHA to help teach VMI this summer. VMI is AAHA/CSU advanced yearlong school taught both online and in three in person sessions. Beth Scott (KSM/VMG) and Dr. TA are tag teaming the financial section of the second part of VMI in June. Learn More.

Profit or Perish – AAHA Nashville, TN March 2017

In this workshop, your table of 10 participants have a dilemma. Your dream is to borrow $500, 000 to expand your current practice. The problem is you have been turned down by all of the banks. You have only one other place to go..."The Loan Shark Bank or Bust". This is your last hope. You [...]

Bridging the Wage Gap In Specialty Medicine

Tracey Jensen, DVM, DABVP (Canine/Feline Practice) will be leading a workshop in May 2017 for specialty practice owners and administrators at the VSPA conference in Vancuever, B.C. Attendees in this session, led by Dr. Jensen, will investigate root causes behind the wage gap and discuss strategies to increase specialty practices’ ability to leverage their staff, [...]

Veterinary Career Advisor Network (VetCAN) Contributing to Student Success

Todays' veterinary medical students deserve exceptional support, especially considering some of the current financial and competitive pressures that exist. And many service sectors within academic veterinary medicine are developing strategies for providing ever greater levels of support. One method for doing that is creating coalitions of like-minded professionals at different institutions to share ideas and [...]

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