Podcast: Financial Wellness

We are back for Part 2 of our Financial Wellness Series, and today we are diving into the specifics of practice ownership. Everything from how to find a practice, what to look for and how to get the money to buy in is on the table today as Stith Keiser rejoins us and gives us [...]

The Ulitmate Measure of Leadership

Almost a month under new ownership, a newly appointed Lead Veterinary Nurse—let’s call her Brittany—shared with me how impactful the experience had been on her definition of leadership. The new owner, a long-time associate at the practice, immediately shed the shackles of authoritative leadership and asked her team, regardless of title, to be leaders in [...]

The Business of Healing Pets: 5 Lessons for Better Leadership

Thus far in our series, we’ve explored the health of our practices and reviewed what financial statements and key performance indicators tell us about our medicine and management. Most recently, we examined leadership styles and how a better understanding of our own leadership preferences can help us be better stewards of our hospitals. Regardless of [...]

Podcast: Financial Wellness with Stith Keiser

Have you ever considered owning a practice or buying into a practice, but the financial intimidation is keeping you from moving forward? You aren’t alone, and Stith Keiser is here to shed some light on the message of financial wellness with the help of First Financial Bank. Click here to listen.

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