Nick Biermaier

Nick was introduced to veterinary medicine as his wife, Taylor, was going through veterinary school and using the family’s dining room for study sessions with her classmates. Nick cooked for the study group, and listened to more conversations about pathology, anatomy and too many other “ologies” to count. Nick’s first ‘official’ foray into veterinary medicine [...]

Kelli Kerwin, CVPM

Kelli was born an animal lover. While most little girls played with dolls, she preferred stuffed animals. When her first dog, Tiny, was hit by a car and survived against all odds, she knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. Her journey started with volunteering several times per week at a local animal shelter, [...]

Mary LeMay

Mary LeMay’s passion for leading teams started many years ago. After obtaining her Associates Degree in Management, her journey into veterinary medicine started with an externship at Animal Hospital, Inc (AHI). Halfway through the externship program, Mary realized she had found her new home and joined AHI’s reception team. This new adventure began just as [...]

Neda Panuska, MBA, LVT

Neda joins the Blue Heron Consulting team with over a decade of experience improving the lives of animals. She holds a Bachelor of Science in management from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from Fitchburg State University, in addition to an AAS in Veterinary Technologies. Neda put her education into practice with a career as an LVT in Virginia for over ten years in addition to owning a veterinary practice with a business [...]

Devin Corban

Devin has had a lifelong love for education and learning, graduating from high school at just twelve years old before continuing his education in religious studies until the age of sixteen. Later, Devin received a degree in Business Process Management through Capital One via Harvard University before starting his professional career.  Devin comes to our [...]

Cyndi Valerio, CVT, CVPM

Cyndi Valerio has always known a love for animals. Her journey began as a Pre-Vet student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, after years on the pre-vet track, she started working in an animal hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. Soon after, she realized her passion and set her sights on becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. In 1998, [...]

Stacy Gentry

Stacy Gentry joins the Blue Heron Consulting team as an Operational Coach, bringing over twenty years of veterinary experience to our clients. She started as a Client Service Representative at Wellington Veterinary Hospital (WVH) in 2001. From the beginning, she has grown there, moving into new positions as opportunities arose, always focusing on her Why [...]

Leah Hardin

Leah Hardin joins the Blue Heron Consulting team with twenty years of experience in the veterinary field. Since childhood, Leah can’t remember ever having another career interest outside the veterinary industry. She has plenty of stories of rescuing strays and hiding them in her bedroom because she was already at her maximum of pets she [...]

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