Becca Keiser has over a decade of experience in organizational development, people management, and recruitment strategy and has worked with corporations and non-profits including Audi AG, the Centre for Organizational Reform, My Veterinary Career, The College of Wooster, and American University. She holds a Master of Science in Intercultural Communication from the University of Warwick in England and a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Denison University. Becca’s professional mission is to improve employees’ lives through establishing and promoting healthy workplace cultures. With a focus on people, communication, and efficiency, Becca enjoys assisting Blue Heron Consulting and their clients with organizational effectiveness, recruitment and retention strategies, and team productivity. Becca established Blue Heron Consulting’s organizational development program and the Hiring Services cylinder.

In an effort to achieve Blue Heron Consulting’s mission of improving lives of veterinary professionals, Becca currently focuses her time on leading the Hiring Services cylinder and managing our company’s hiring process. Formerly, the Director of Organizational Development, Becca currently serves as the Director of Hiring Services and Director of Hiring.

Becca lives with her husband and son in Northern Virginia. In her free time, she loves traveling, afternoon tea parties, and hiking.