Devin has had a lifelong love for education and learning, graduating from high school at just twelve years old before continuing his education in religious studies until the age of sixteen. Later, Devin received a degree in Business Process Management through Capital One via Harvard University before starting his professional career. 

Devin comes to our team most recently from serving as Practice Manager for a privately owned veterinary hospital. Prior to that, Devin worked for several large corporations such as Netflix, Capital One, and Banfield Pet Hospital. From business development and process improvement to client retention and practice management, he brings a wide range of experiences and expertise to the Blue Heron Consulting team, including management of different teams ranging in size, personalities, and backgrounds.  

Devin recalls advice from a previous mentor encouraging him to “Find something that you can really ‘get behind.’ When you do, you will work with a passion that you may not even know you had.” His love of business and pets (and lack of desire to be a veterinarian!) led him to our team where he is able to use his skillset and passion to help businesses thrive. 

On a more personal level, Devin is husband to his beautiful wife, Kala, and father to their daughter, Olivia. They have two fur babies, Cooper and Tucker. In his free time, Devin loves to go camping in the mountains of Wyoming during the summer travel with his wife to new places, fish, and play the guitar. When he’s at home, he has been known to play some video games from time to time, too.