Kelli was born an animal lover. While most little girls played with dolls, she preferred stuffed animals. When her first dog, Tiny, was hit by a car and survived against all odds, she knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. Her journey started with volunteering several times per week at a local animal shelter, despite having to walk a half mile to and from the shelter each day. Once she could drive, she began working for the same veterinarian that had saved Tiny’s life years earlier.

Kelli’s early experience in medicine and management originated in human healthcare, at the world renown, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Beginning with a receptionist role, she pursued advancement at every opportunity and quickly moved through the company. She was ultimately tasked with overseeing the startup of a satellite. Despite her success, Kelli was still being pulled into her passion for pet care. In February of 1998, Kelli’s husband encouraged her to follow her dream, so she left the human side for veterinary medicine.

She began her ‘professional’ career in veterinary medicine as the Office Manager with Animal Hospital Inc. The small animal practice grew very quickly and in 2004 she managed the remodel and expansion that doubled their facility size to 14,500 sq. ft. In 2005, Kelli earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager distinction and continued to receive a certificate in Veterinary Practice Management from Purdue University in 2009.

In 2016, AHI hired BHC for a diagnostic site visit, bringing a breath of fresh air to Kelli and the practice. It reminded Kelli of her “why,” which has always been educating and mentoring people. In 2018, AHI opened their first satellite clinic, and with its expansion, Kelli became their CEO and realized her dream of becoming a practice owner.

Kelli joined the BHC team in 2019 so she could share this Why along with lessons learned from over 20 years in the industry. She is a Past Board President of Lake Humane Society and a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, American Animal Hospital Association and The Society of Human Resource Managers. She is also Fear Free Certified, an advisory board member for a local Registered Veterinary Technician program. She is currently working towards her Human-Animal Bond Certification.

When Kelli has down time, she loves spending time with her husband RJ and their two adult children John and Lisa and now her first grandchild Kayden. Their family would not be complete without their beagles and cats! Together their family enjoys the outdoors, working on their log cabin and passionately cheering on Cleveland sports teams and THE Ohio State Buckeyes.