Leah Hardin joins the Blue Heron Consulting team with twenty years of experience in the veterinary field. Since childhood, Leah can’t remember ever having another career interest outside the veterinary industry. She has plenty of stories of rescuing strays and hiding them in her bedroom because she was already at her maximum of pets she was allowed to have!

Over the years, her dedication and appreciation for fast-paced medical environments drove her into technician leadership and manager positions in small town general and mixed-animal clinics as well as corporate-owned ER and specialty practices. She eventually pursued her LVT credentials as well. Even today, a lot of her motivation stems from the desire to be reliable for both pet parents and her colleagues in the field who all share a keen vision for an abundant life for pets.

Among Leah’s top strengths are positivity, harmony, empathy, developer, and responsibility – all which have been instrumental in allowing her to feel fulfilled in achieving her “Why,” which is helping team members want to be on the same boat and keep them moving forward with positivity.

At home, Leah cherishes her time spent on her hobby farm by the lake with her ducks, goats and pyrenees. When she is not sharing in laughter with her wife (who also coaches veterinarians) and son, she enjoys escaping to the track to get competitive on her roller derby team!