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Alpine Animal Hospital ( in Pocatello, ID is offering a full-time veterinary position with mentoring and a path to ownership.

We believe that our colleagues should leave this profession as excited and fulfilled as the day they entered it. We believe that being a veterinarian and practice owner is not synonymous with martyrdom. We believe that this calling can allow each of us to accomplish our own ‘why’ – whether that be practicing a certain standard of care, building a team culture of which you are proud, cultivating financial freedom, or creating a career where you can have a life outside of practice while accomplishing great things in practice. We believe it, because we live it.  If you share these beliefs, we invite you to join us.

Alpine Animal Hospital has partnered with Blue Heron Consulting to provide the ultimate mentorship experience for any veterinarian interested in a fast track to practice ownership. During the one-year program, aspiring practice owners will participate in three specific areas of training. Medical Mentorship, Practice Management Training, and Ownership Coaching.  Upon completing the program, graduates will be given the opportunity to become a partner in a practice of their choosing.

Clinical Mentorship:

Upon acceptance into the program, participants will immediately begin an intensive medical mentorship program designed to grow young doctors in the delivery of high quality medicine and customer care in a fast paced, efficient, real world work environment.

The Medical Mentorship program has two components:

  1. Participants will be paired with a practicing DVM at Alpine Animal Hospital to customize an in-clinic mentorship program to their specific needs.
  2. Participants will be matched to a Blue Heron Medical Coach for weekly phone calls designed to provide an additional layer of mentorship in medicine, leadership and communication.

Hospital Operations Mentorship:

The objective of the Practice Management Training is to provide insight into business management generally not available to associate veterinarians and new graduates. Management training will address finances, operations, and human resources. Participants will gain real life experience by sitting in on management meetings and trouble-shooting  issues that confront practices on a daily basis. They will learn to assess the health of a practice by studying financial statements as well as evaluating company culture.

Ownership Development:

All applicants will be asked to describe their ideal practice or hospital, including a region where they would like to become a practicing owner/operator veterinarian. Once accepted into the program, we will then embark on a journey together to find, evaluate, and purchase a clinic that matches the identified needs. The objective is for each participant to seamlessly transition from the one-year program at Alpine to their new role as partner and lead DVM at their new hospital. Beginning the first day, participants are treated as partners, because they are.

Individuals will participate in partnership calls, leadership training exercises, and give regular progress reports to the group.  Our goal is to teach each person who comes through this program to be an effective leader at a successful veterinary hospital.

Ongoing Support:

Upon completion of the program and integration into the new hospital, the Alpine Management Team as well as Blue Heron Consulting will continue to provide support and development throughout the duration of our partnership. Regular coaching and partner calls will continue as we work together to maximize the potential of your newly acquired business.

Ready to Begin Your Ownership Journey?

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter to Becca Keiser at Please explain your interest in the position, why you’re drawn to practice ownership and how you’ll define success in your time at Alpine. To allow our team to continue to focus their time and attention on our patients and clients, please do not contact the hospital directly.

On behalf of Alpine Animal Hospital and Blue Heron Consulting, we look forward to speaking with you and working together to realize our shared dreams.

About Alpine Animal Hospital 

Our team at Alpine Animal Hospital ( believes that a career in veterinary medicine should be a collaborative, fulfilling, exciting journey complemented with the ongoing opportunity for growth and development. At Alpine you’ll find an enthusiastic, dedicated doctor team, supported by well-trained and professional support staff, working in sync to make the following mission a reality: To honor the bond between our valued clients and their animals – whether that animal is a member of the family, working companion or your livelihood. Our compassionate and knowledgeable health care team achieves this through partnering with you to deliver cutting edge medicine and surgery. Together, we strive to create a happy, healthy and productive life for your pet and to enhance your relationship with them.