Mary LeMay’s passion for leading teams started many years ago. After obtaining her Associates Degree in Management, her journey into veterinary medicine started with an externship at Animal Hospital, Inc (AHI). Halfway through the externship program, Mary realized she had found her new home and joined AHI’s reception team. This new adventure began just as Blue Heron Consulting started their coaching journey with the practice. Over the next several years, and while receiving Blue Heron coaching, Mary accepted a variety of positions within AHI, working to tackle some of the most challenging aspects of the clinic such as inventory, management, and human resources.

After years at AHI, Mary realized she wanted to make a larger impact on the veterinary community. She found herself inspired to study the processes behind coaching and the pillars to achieving work-life balance and well-being. Mary is currently pursuing a certificate in Health and Wellness coaching. She aims to aide clinics in identifying future goals, developing systems to streamline day-to-day operations, and generate a culture that fosters growth and well-being. She is excited to combine her veterinary knowledge and love for coaching to support veterinary practice owners in creating profitable practices with high functioning teams.

When she is not working or studying, Mary likes to go boxing and spend time outdoors hiking, running, or paddle boarding. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, riding their Harley and taking vacations to Florida. Their six children and American Bulldog, Zoey, fill their home with an incredible amount of love…and laundry!