Nick was introduced to veterinary medicine as his wife, Taylor, was going through veterinary school and using the family’s dining room for study sessions with her classmates. Nick cooked for the study group, and listened to more conversations about pathology, anatomy and too many other “ologies” to count. Nick’s first ‘official’ foray into veterinary medicine occurred through a company he and his wife started, Checkpoint Veterinary (CPV). CPV was designed as traveling veterinary exam trailer providing a heated, clean area for veterinary care at sled dog races across the Midwest. Experience working closely with veterinarians during races, coupled with watching his wife navigate the rewards and challenges of her career, helped him realize the impact of a practice’s quality of medicine, client service, culture and profitability.

Nick began his BHC quest, working alongside CEO Stith Keiser, helping facilitate the company’s “Wilderness CE Series” in the mountains of Idaho. Since that time, Nick fully immersed himself in the profession becoming a private practice owner himself as well as joining BHC fulltime. During the last few years, Nick has been blessed to serve hospitals of all sizes across the country as an Operational Coach. In addition to operational coaching, he has helped develop the company’s Start-Up Division, helping aspiring owners navigate the challenges of launching their own hospital. One of Nick’s greatest professional accomplishments is his role in helping design and lead strategic planning retreats for hospitals seeking to grow with a purpose and plan.

In his spare time Nick loves spending time on his hobby farm with his wife and son, Jack, surrounded by their menagerie of pets – 2 steer calves, 2 pygmy goats, 30 chickens, 2 garage cats, 1 indoor cat, and a 3-year old springer spaniel named Evie. They also love spending time in the outdoors with their families pursuing a range of activities.