Tiffany Galen grew up in China before moving to Seattle, Washington at 11 years old. Watching pets treated as family members in America strengthened Tiffany’s motivation to become a veterinarian and improve companion animal welfare across the world.

Tiffany earned a B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology from the University of Washington before transitioning to Colorado State University’s veterinary prep program, where she earned an MS in Toxicology. Tiffany is currently a rising second-year veterinary student at Colorado State University. Her interests include business ownership, small animal general practice, and emergency care.

Aside from a strong interest in companion animal emergency medicine, Tiffany is incredibly passionate about business and technology. She hopes to channel her passions into owning a successful veterinary practice in the future, using her story and experience to give back to the field of veterinary medicine.

When not in school, Tiffany loves to travel the world with her pup, Cinnamon, and eat great food.