How to Stay Connected and Care for Your Clients During Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic prompts unprecedented social distancing measures and widespread community closures, solid communication with your clients is vital in a time when access to clinics and normal communication methods are being restricted. “During this crisis, it’s important that essential veterinary services remain available for clients and animals in need,” says Michael San Filippo, senior media relations specialist for [...]

Podcast: Generational Difference & the Job Hunt

In this episode, we continue our discussion with VetCAN on navigating generational differences while you're in the job hunt. The Ohio State University's Amanda Fark and Stith Keiser, CEO of Blue Herron Consulting and a private practice owner, stop by to talk about the challenges and opportunities of looking for work in an era where [...]

2020 Wilderness Horse Pack Trip

What to Expect Attendees should plan on arriving in Jackson Hole, WY no later than Sunday, July 5th. Jackson Hole does have a major airport and is by far the most convenient option. Other options include Salt Lake City, UT (about a six-hour drive) and Bozeman, MT (about five hours away). There will be an [...]

Podcast: Financial Wellness

We are back for Part 2 of our Financial Wellness Series, and today we are diving into the specifics of practice ownership. Everything from how to find a practice, what to look for and how to get the money to buy in is on the table today as Stith Keiser rejoins us and gives us [...]

The Ulitmate Measure of Leadership

Almost a month under new ownership, a newly appointed Lead Veterinary Nurse—let’s call her Brittany—shared with me how impactful the experience had been on her definition of leadership. The new owner, a long-time associate at the practice, immediately shed the shackles of authoritative leadership and asked her team, regardless of title, to be leaders in [...]

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