Whether you’re a solo practitioner in rural America or a multi-doctor, multi-location hospital in the city, our goal is simple – to help you achieve your Why, accomplish your hospital’s goals, and build sustainable practice profitability.

Blue Heron Consulting has made practice fun again. They listen, observe and evaluate before making recommendations that fit our practice. They have a special way of empowering, guiding and supporting staff to bring out the best in everyone and to bring about change from within.

John Hallett, DVM, Hallett Veterinary Hospital

The experience with Blue Heron was very personal. It was very specific to our practice and wasn’t just the numbers, it was about the people. As a BHC client, you are going to practice better medicine, you’regonna’ make more money andyou are going to have more fun – and that was a guarantee. 

Kate Crumley, MS, DVM, Former Hospital Owner

My whole perception of veterinary medicine has changed for the better and I can honestly tell you that I enjoy my job more than I ever have.  For the first time in my career I feel like I would actually encourage my own kids to join the profession if they wanted to be part of it.  

Seth Lundquist, DVM, Alpine Animal Hospital

I have owned my practice for 16 years and have had 3 different consultants prior to hiring Blue Heron.  None of the others have allowed our practice to achieve the growth we have seen with Blue Heron in the short time we have been working with them.  They have allowed me to realize that I will be able to pursue other interests sooner than I ever thought possible.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who struggles with the day-to-day operations of trying to run a profitable veterinary practice. 

Missy Tasky, DVM, Gentle Touch Animal Hospital

Practice ownership, practicing veterinary medicine, and finding a good work-life balance is difficult – having some guidance from outside the clinic has been extremely helpful.

Samantha Riddels, DVM, Lange Veterinary Hospital

I love the team approach. Also, they are very responsive to the specific needs of the day.

Dorie Cappiello, DVM, Prospect Ridge Veterinary Hospital

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