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Opinion of Value

Opinions of Value
Stay ahead of your hospital’s finances by updating its value, tracking trends, and creating action plans

We know that keeping a consistent tab on the hospital finances can take a backseat when practice owners are struggling to balance business operations and patient care.

An opinion of value serves as a pulse check on your practice’s financials, and can ease a lot of the stress associated with tracking your progress between valuations or switching gears with your business plan.

Practice owners may benefit from an opinion of value, if:

  • You have had a practice valuation completed and want to update it (we recommend this annually)
  • You are interested in having a deeper understanding of the ebbs and flows of your hospital’s finances
  • You’re considering a change to an existing service or thinking about introducing a new offering

Our Process

Our Opinion of Value typically takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Conduct Discovery Call and collect financials.
Our valuator conducts a Discovery Call to better understand your practice and goals. Afterward, we’ll collect and thoroughly analyze your latest financials, as well as any previous practice valuations you’ve had completed.

Complete Opinion of Value.
Once complete, our valuator will compile their findings into a report and meet with you to review. With your goals in mind, they’ll work with you to identify areas of strength and opportunity and create a plan for action.

Create an action plan.
We don’t hand you the report and call it a day – we genuinely care about your success. We’ll demonstrate how current practice operations can change practice value, and ensure you have what you need to make informed business decisions that positively impact your practice value.

Then, we’ll make sure to check-in with you and review your progress together as it relates to your goals.

Ready to get started on an opinion of value?

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