Designed to bring quick & focused help to key areas

We’ve partnered with our friends at Rhapsody to give their clients a curated selection of topics to receive expert assistance with.

Each consultation is complete with a comprehensive overview of the topic, criteria that need to be considered, and concrete action steps to get it done.

The best part? Each program is designed to be completed in an hour so you can hit the ground running and make immediate changes in your hospital.

Check out Rhapsody’s personalized lineup below and Schedule a Consult with our team to get started.

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Inventory Management

Gain an understanding of the client’s current inventory management practices.

Provide advice on creating accountability within the inventory management process, tracking inventory, setting an inventory budget, calculating reorder points, and controlling for shrink.

Discuss strategy for setting inventory prices and mark-ups.

Offer clients the opportunity to complete BHC’s immersive 3-month Inventory Management Deep Dive program.

Wellness Plans

Review the components of a wellness plan and assist the client in helping them determine what services to include in their wellness plan programs.

Discuss pricing, payment options, and enrollment fees and coach the client on determining what would work best for their hospital.

Discuss strategies for marketing wellness programs to clients and for training the practice team to discuss wellness programs with clients.

Discuss ways to track plan compliance and success.

Offer clients the opportunity to complete BHC’s immersive 3-month Preventive Care Plan Deep Dive program.


Discuss the three main pricing models: Cost-based pricing, market-based pricing, and value-based pricing.

Discuss industry benchmarks and suggest tools for conducting a pricing review.

Provide an example of hospital and inventory pricing that they client can use as a template for determining their own pricing.

Offer clients the opportunity to complete BHC’s immersive 3-month Fee Analysis Deep Dive program.

Data Analytics

Review financial reports populated by Rhapsody and identify KPIs for the client.

Discuss strategies the client can use to positively impact the KPIs.

Assist the client in setting appropriate KPI goals.

Offer clients the opportunity to complete BHC’s immersive 3-month Financial Analysis Deep Dive program.