The OFC Blue Heron Consulting (BHC) traces its origins back to Dr. Chuck Keiser, who in the early 90’s created a veterinary management group affectionately called the OFC (Old Farts Club), encompassing 15 privately owned practices. Growing frustrated with owners’ refusal to embrace change needed for practitioners to achieve their goals and for animals to be best served, he transitioned back to owning and growing his own practices. However, the dream wasn’t forgotten. The Corn Belt Dr. Chuck's son, Stith, began lecturing about smarter practice ownership at veterinary universities all over America. After speaking about practice ownership at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, a student came up to him for help.

From a small town in the corn belt, she had big dreams of owning a successful mixed animal medicine practice but needed to return home to an economically depressed area in order to care for ailing parents. She wanted to avoid the fate endured by many practice owners, always working in the practice and having little more than a job versus working on her practice and building a legacy. She feared going home would cement her destiny. How was she going to choose?
Dream Big Choose? Stith asked. Why choose? He began helping her craft a future that embedded her desire for family, service to community, and service to self. That young veterinarian now owns several thriving practices AND cares for her family, gives back to her community, has elevated the level of care for animal, both small and large, and is building a legacy of which she can be proud. Live Your Why With clients ranging from recent graduates new to practice ownership to seasoned practice owners nearing the end of their career, BHC’s team of practice owners and managers coach practice owners and their teams to “stick their neck out” and find success, both professionally and personally, as practice owners.