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You have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth startup for us, and we will forever be grateful for your time and endless advice in pointing us in the right direction. We truly feel as though we were saved from a lot of pitfalls that most new owners succumb to, and with you on our speed dial we hopefully save ourselves a lot of time and money! All is well here; the business is BOOMING!

Christine Nickerson, DVM, Bennington Animal Hospital

They were wonderful to have alongside because I have never done this before. I’ve never purchased a practice. Having someone who had experience with everything, from establishing our new LLC to the purchase agreements, all of that was very helpful for me; especially since I was a full-time practicing veterinarian. It would have taken me an extremely long time to figure out on my own.

Jill Dentel, DVM, Countryside Animal Clinic

Our hospital has worked with Blue Heron Consulting for several years.  After taking a hard look at how we operated, they helped us turn it upside down.  Now we are leaner, having more fun and certainly more profitable.

Allen Craig, DVM, Lebanon Animal Hospital

I was skeptical at first of what would come with the consulting however I went into it with an open mind. The results were mind blowing. The changes in the hospital stretched from the front desk to the doctors. The profitability skyrocketed and we continue to improve now 3 years out. Don’t hesitate to contact BHC you won’t regret it!

Teva Stone, DVM, Wellington Animal Hospital

Blue Heron Consulting has made practice fun again. They listen, observe and evaluate before making recommendations that fit our practice. They have provided outside accountability that takes pressure off me as the managing partner. My partners were reluctant to bring in an outside consultant but after going through the site visit, they are on board with making the changes needed to grow and improve our practice. Their biggest fear was that change would be driven by dollars alone. Blue Heron’s approach is to put the patient and client first, coach doctors and staff to practice good, thorough medicine all the time and profit will follow. Our first full month after the site visit our gross was up 47% over the same month last year. If I tried to bring about the degree of change that is happening in our practice, it would be called micromanaging. Blue Heron has a special way of empowering, guiding and supporting staff to bring out the best in everyone and to bring about change from within. Probably the most important support they are providing is to our practice manager. Without a strong practice manager, change will be temporary. They expect a tremendous amount from our practice manager, but they are giving her the tools, support and structure to make the changes sustainable.

John Hallett, DVM, Hallett Veterinary Hospital

I have owned my practice for 16 years and have had 3 different consultants prior to hiring Blue Heron.  None of the others have allowed our practice to achieve the growth we have seen with Blue Heron in the short time we have been working with them.  They have allowed me to realize that I will be able to pursue other interests sooner than I ever thought possible.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who struggles with the day-to-day operations of trying to run a profitable veterinary practice.

Missy Tasky, DVM, Gentle Touch Animal Hospital

My whole perception of veterinary medicine has changed for the better and I can honestly tell you that I enjoy my job more than I ever have.  For the first time in my career I feel like I would actually encourage my own kids to join the profession if they wanted to be part of it.

Seth Lundquist, DVM, Alpine Animal Hospital

The experience with Blue Heron was very personal. It was very specific to our practice and wasn’t just the numbers, it was about the people. As a BHC client, you are going to practice better medicine, you’re gonna’ make more money and you are going to have more fun – and that was a guarantee.

Kate Crumley, MS, DVM, Former Hospital Owner

They came and actually interviewed every single employee, they actually watched the work flow, they really analyzed the business before they came up with a plan and made decisions. If your business isn’t as profitable as it is supposed to be, then I think they’d more than pay for themselves in any given situation and you should do it.

Scott Murray, DVM, Animal Hospital Inc. & Hillcrest Animal Hospital

Out of all the groups or people that we talked to, Blue Heron is the only one in which we have seen as significant of a change and one that did justify the expense.

Jeff Jamison, DVM, Honeoye Falls and Livonia Veterinary Hospitals

I want to thank you for helping me have the courage to do the right thing, best medicine for every patient, every time.  It is what the clients want.  I am so grateful for your coaching and helping us implement a new strategy.

Steve Haymore, DVM, Alpine Animal Hospital

The coaches at BH have provided my team with the guidance we needed to overcome some pretty significant hurdles… from finding to integrating our new practice manager, assisting with some culture challenges, and helping us better understand our financials. And the formation of the PIT crew has given some of my team members the extra responsibilities and feeling of ownership over program development, team training and the success of our practice.

Mel Striyle, DVM, 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital

Blue Heron Consulting played a critical role in helping our team develop and define the practice we are today. Prior to the consultation, Dr. Keiser worked with the management team on an individual basis in order to determine the scope of our concerns and purpose of the consultation and set clear expectations for each member. This, in turn, gave him an insight into how the clinic was being managed and developed an improvement strategy, making the consultation process more productive overall. He formed a leadership team and articulated our own goals and helped determine how we wanted to move forward to achieve them. He kept the process simple and easy to execute. He became our biggest cheerleader and challenged the team. He helped individuals see their full potential and helped us achieve our number one goal: becoming AAHA Clinic of the year. We truly benefited from his positive “Getter Done” attitude. This led to significant steps forward and we were able to develop a workplace that we all believe in.

Anita Voldock, Office Manager, Pembroke Animal Hospital

BHC is a life saver. They were able to see the forest through the trees when we no longer could. It is hard work, but so worth it. We now have a tremendously happy staff and production keeps going up.

Stephanie Adamson, Practice Manager, Gentle Touch Animal Hospital

We never really had a formalized “This is what we expect from you” and I think they really helped enforce that with each member, personally, one on one.

Cyndi Valerio, CVT, CVPM, Hallett Veterinary Hospital

This has been the greatest experience of my professional career. I don’t think good will ever be good enough anymore.

Kelli Kerwin, CVPM, Former CEO & Hospital Owner

It wasn’t just a “Here’s what you can do and now it’s yours to deal with.” It was “Here’s what we can do together”. It’s been really exciting to see how people get jazzed about it. If you are complacent with mediocrity, then don’t hire them. I’m not complacent with mediocrity. I want to be better than average.

Josh Vaisman, Hospital Administrator, Avenues Pet Clinic

I think what they are doing is phenomenal.

Lisa Norkunas, RVT, Hospital Director, Rialto Animal Hospital

I started my very first day as a Practice Manager on the day that Blue Heron Consulting came for their site visit. [Their coaches] have been an invaluable resource for me to use while I navigated my new team, changed protocols, and fine-tuned my goals. I would highly recommend this service for any team that wants to find success in the practice of veterinary medicine!

Cassna LaCount, Practice Manager, Highland Veterinary Hospital

It’s the personalization of it. It helped me to become a better manager to help the team. They work one on one with you and they come in and work with your team. They are not there for the money, they are there to help you grow.

Angie Sevier, CVPM, Lebanon Animal Hospital

I just wanted to let you know how personally I enjoyed the onsite visit. I wish they could’ve stayed one more day! I have heard nothing but positive comments from the staff onsite visit. I wish they could’ve stayed one more day! I have heard nothing but positive comments from the staff about them. It was a great experience and helped me extremely. And I appreciated how they even came out last night to support me and my son as he practiced showing his cattle. It was great for him and me to see your support.

Rianna VonDeylen, Office Manager, Countryside Animal Clinic

BHC has helped us grow as a unit and we are able to work fluidly together. We are able to communicate concerns and work towards solutions to best meet our needs as well as be able to work with the recommendations of BHC.

Angela Santos, Practice Manager, Mill Creek Animal Hospital

From the day the team came to Kauai Veterinary Clinic, it has brought positive changes that are appreciated by our team and clients alike. From mentorship to management, they have guided us into a higher quality of care for our employees and clients. The mentorship has helped me with my personal goals as a doctor and they continue to encourage me to be the best doctor I can be. I am thankful to be part of the change.

Diana Rivera Gallardo, DVM, Kauai Veterinary Clinic

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