An externship experience for future practice owners.

Countless veterinary student externships plunge into the clinical areas of medicine, but only a handful allow students to dive into the behind-the-scenes world of owning a veterinary practice.

Only one is hosted by your leading veterinary consulting team.

The mission of the Unbridled Externship is to allow students an opportunity to dive into topics like practice financials and hospital operations, learn what it takes for practice acquisitions or start-ups, and explore the balance of wellbeing, communication, and culture.

Plus, externs actually go behind the scenes and apply what they’ve learned as our team leads you through our tried and true on-site evaluation process of real practices!

Mind blowing. Can’t really think of any other words to describe it. Thank you for your passion and commitment to this profession.

– Annette
2019 Extern

Applying to Unbridled

Review our information packet and submit materials by January 9, 2022.

Our 2023 Unbridled Externship will be held from June 9-17, 2023 in Nashville, TN.

Chosen candidates will complete an interview.

After reviewing applications, select applicants will be invited to an interview round. This typically takes place during the month of February.

Wait for good news!

Now, the hard part! Please note that due to the nature of the experience, our program is selective.
Once our eight seats are filled, we’ll be in touch to celebrate or chat about a wait list.

Want a Sneak Peek?

Check out a recap of previous Unbridled Externship experiences below.

Student Testimonials

Check out what your classmates are saying!

The BHC Externship was the most valuable experience of my clinical year. I learned not only what to look for when picking my future practice, but I also developed myself professionally and made lifelong friends. I now feel confident about how to help my future practice grow and how to be a good leader in the practice and the community. The support and awesome learning environment BHC provides goes above and beyond, and now I feel like I understand the business of veterinary medicine, and I’m ready to positively impact the profession!
Kelley Jones, Lincoln Memorial University – Class of 2021

BHC’s externship was an invaluable opportunity to learn and apply business skills in a real-world veterinary medicine setting. I really enjoyed getting to know our client and helping her improve her business. The BHC team was very supportive and great to work with as well!

Olivia Reed, Colorado State University - Class of 2021

Learning from the team at Blue Heron Consulting is a career shaping experience. The combination of interactive lectures from people you can look up to and the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in a real veterinary practice is simply priceless. I would unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend the externship to a friend.

Minas Mkhitarian, Washington State University - Class of 2021

Dr. Kelley Lay recommended this externship to me after I spent 2 hours with her on the phone analyzing my dad’s profit and loss statements for his small animal practice. Despite the mundane nature of crunching numbers on P&L sheets, I found it extremely exciting. To some, these numbers look just like what they are: numbers. But in reality, if you look closely enough, these numbers form the framework of a fascinating story–a story that portrays the interworking of an animal hospital. Yet, the true beauty that exists behind the numbers lay not within the story itself, but rather within the potential to rewrite the story yourself. And that is exactly what I think this externship will empower me to achieve. It’s one thing to look at a hospital’s numbers and determine whether or not it is running well. The real challenge is to look at a hospital that is running poorly and to devise and execute a plan that will make the hospital successful.

Jack Miller, North Carolina State University, Class of 2023

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to create life-long memories over the past few weeks, both of knowledge of ownership and life in general, as well as bonding with this incredible group. It has given me hope, confidence, and tools needed to take on buying a practice in the near future and to guide it to success.

Zach Houghtaling, Washington State University, Class of 2019

These two weeks have changed my career trajectory. It gets me excited for what is ahead.

Landon Brough, Washington State University, Class of 2019

The past two weeks have been mind-blowing. Can’t really think of any other words to describe it. Thank you for your passion and commitment to this profession. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.

Annette Llanes, Colorado State University, Class of 2019

This tiny space (referencing the thank-you card) can’t possible convey the gratitude for everything you’ve done for us! Thank you for being patient, willing to adapt, and sincerely caring about getting us where we want to be in life.

Christin Thornton, Colorado State University, Class of 2019

An amazing two weeks that were so beneficial and eye-opening! I learned so much and it was wonderful to learn from someone as passionate and that cares so much for the field. I am excited to continue to learn and stay in touch!”

Jessica Martin-Harris, Washington State University, Class of 2019

Thank you so very much for the wisdom and learning experience you’ve provided. From us as a future generation of vets and the profession as a whole, thanks from the very bottom of my heart.

Sarah McFadden, Colorado State University, Class of 2019

This externship has given me invaluable information on practice ownership, client retention, wellness in veterinary medicine, and assessing the financials of veterinary practices across the country through case studies.

I listened to speakers who emphasized the basics of successful practice ownership. Under their guidance, my team and I put together a presentation utilizing financials from a practice to come up with a fair valuation of the business and a mock offer for our veterinary lender. The second week included an on-site visit of a beautiful small animal hospital in Denver, CO. My team and I observed the operations and discussed team culture with the staff. Using their financials and the observations we gathered, we gave a presentation to the practice owner highlighting areas we saw for improvement.

Aside from business, I was honored to have the opportunity to tour the Denver Zoo’s Animal Hospital and speak to their veterinarians. A huge thank you to the Ascend Student Program and Blue Heron Consulting for shaping my science brain into the business entrepreneur I hope to be in veterinary medicine!

Nicole Mundy, Long Island University, Class of 2025

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