Are you tired of conflict amongst employees?  Do you dread having difficult conversations?  Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have the knack for effective communication AND the ability to solve problems?  We have the answers to those questions and more.  “Unbridled Success,” the 2018 Blue Heron Invitational, will focus on the often-overlooked, but vitally important, subjects of:

  1. Emotional Intelligence and how it affects a person’s ability to communicate and solve problems in an effective manner.  We will give you the tools necessary to become a more emotionally intelligent person, and thus, enhance your ability to manage difficult conversations and solve difficult problems.
  2. Practical Communication explored through real, case-based scenarios and role playing to emphasize how important effective team and client communication is to the success of any business.
  3. Problem Solving; a skill that most owners and hiring managers proclaim is important enough to identify as a top differential amongst our employees.  It is, however, a skill that can be difficult to master. We’ll explore ways to approach and solve common problems encountered in veterinary medicine, which will ultimately allow for stronger team dynamics, better medicine and more profitable practices.

Join us for this unique event and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with peers, network with industry leaders and hone the skills necessary to “unbridle” your team and race to new levels!

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Registration Fee Only $535 per Attendee

One DVM/Owner and one Practice Manager from each participating hospital are recommended to attend. Additional team members are also encouraged to attend.

Registration Fee Includes Meals, Entertainment and Activities