Unbridled – An Externship Experience

Inspiring the Next Generation of Veterinary Practice Owners

Thank you to our veterinary students, facilitators and sponsors for making Unbridled – An Externship Experience such a memorable experience! The externship, designed specifically for aspiring practice owners, was inspired by, and largely made possible through, collaboration with Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Working under a federal grant, the externship had five primary objectives, including:

  1. Sharing ‘best practices’ for rural practice sustainability, viability and profitability thereby providing the next generation of owners a head start on their path to success
  2. Addressing wellbeing and wellness through equipping aspiring owners with the tools, knowledge and resources to accomplish their ‘why’ in practice
  3. Exploring the role of successful practice ownership in creating financial security and tackling student debt
  4. Formulating strategies to capitalize on changing client demographics and behavior
  5. Preparing externs for competing in the changing landscape of practice ownership


To accomplish the above, externs focused on four foundational pillars:

  1. Financial Analysis: Driving Change in Revenue & Expenses
  2. Culture & Staff Leverage: Developing & Achieving Your Mission
  3. Communication in the Clinic: Mastering the Art of Feedback
  4. Recruitment & Retention: Defining and Capturing Your Ideal Client


The externship utilized a variety of teaching modalities ranging from lecture to discussion to case study reviews and presentations to time spent in-hospital experiencing the concepts and lessons taught in class. Time in-hospital culminated with team presentations to hospital owners identifying implementable action steps surrounding the four tenets.

Thank you again to all who made this externship a success! For more information or if interested in future participation, please contact Stith at skeiser@bhcteam.com.