Teamwork makes the dream work.

From the front desk, to the kennel, and everywhere in between – teams are the engine that keeps a practice going. That’s why we think it’s so important to make sure your team is supported, motivated, and fulfilled.

At every practice, we observe the systems, processes, and workflows of the day-to-day operations. We sit down one-on-one with every team member and learn their strengths and their passions. Then, we identify a group of leaders within the support team who are ready to take initiative, lead by example, and ignite positive change.

Our support system doesn’t stop when we leave. From support groups and book clubs to leadership training and hiring services, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every client has a strong team beside them.

“The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
– Phil Jackson

I think what they are doing is phenomenal. 

Lisa Norkunas, RVT, Hospital Director, Rialto Animal Hospital

We never really had a formalized “This is what we expect from you” and I think they really helped enforce that with each member, personally, one on one.

Cyndi Valerio, CVT, CVPM, Hallett Veterinary Hospital

I just wanted to let you know how personally I enjoyed the onsite visit. I wish they could’ve stayed one more day! I have heard nothing but positive comments from the staff onsite visit. I wish they could’ve stayed one more day! I have heard nothing but positive comments from the staff about them. It was a great experience and helped me extremely. And I appreciated how they even came out last night to support me and my son as he practiced showing his cattle. It was great for him and me to see your support.  

Rianna VonDeylen, Office Manager, Countryside Animal Clinic

I started my very first day as a Practice Manager on the day that Blue Heron Consulting came for their site visit. [Their coaches] have been an invaluable resource for me to use while I navigated my new team, changed protocols, and fine-tuned my goals. I would highly recommend this service for any team that wants to find success in the practice of veterinary medicine!

Cassna LaCount, Practice Manager, Highland Veterinary Hospital

It’s the personalization of it.  It helped me to become a better manager to help the team.  They work one on one with you and they come in and work with your team. They are not there for the money, they are there to help you grow. 

Angie Sevier, CVPM, Lebanon Animal Hospital

I was hired on as the Practice Manager for Altitude Veterinary Hospital right about the same time we started with BHC. Having worked in management positions in the past I was used to it but as always, it can be hard to build trust in a new place. When you add on the stress of needing to find “benchmarks” within the business (as this was a new field to me), you can imagine how difficult it would be being new. Being able to partner with BHC not only helped give me the benchmarks needed but the voice in the owners’ ears as to the changes that were needed to hit these as well. Truly having a partner through the process of change helped us go beyond what anyone imagined, greatly decreased my stress, and took us literally to the top performing practice within our region! I would highly recommend BHC to any practice wanting to be more successful!

Devin Corban, Practice Manager, Altitude Veterinary Hospital

BHC is a life saver. They were able to see the forest through the trees when we no longer could. It is hard work, but so worth it. We now have a tremendously happy staff and production keeps going up. 

Stephanie Adamson, Practice Manager, Gentle Touch Animal Hospital

Blue Heron Consulting played a critical role in helping our team develop and define the practice we are today. Prior to the consultation, Dr. Keiser worked with the management team on an individual basis in order to determine the scope of our concerns and purpose of the consultation and set clear expectations for each member. This, in turn, gave him an insight into how the clinic was being managed and developed an improvement strategy, making the consultation process more productive overall. He formed a leadership team and articulated our own goals and helped determine how we wanted to move forward to achieve them. He kept the process simple and easy to execute. He became our biggest cheerleader and challenged the team. He helped individuals see their full potential and helped us achieve our number one goal: becoming AAHA Clinic of the year. We truly benefited from his positive “Getter Done” attitude. This led to significant steps forward and we were able to develop a workplace that we all believe in.  

Anita Voldock, Office Manager, Pembroke Animal Hospital

BHC has helped us grow as a unit and we are able to work fluidly together. We are able to communicate concerns and work towards solutions to best meet our needs as well as be able to work with the recommendations of BHC.

Angela Santos, Practice Manager, Mill Creek Animal Hospital

Organizational and communication improvements helped the culture of the clinic. We are now working a team to fulfill our vision and mission statement.

Jessica Gonzales, Practice Manager, Lytle Veterinary Clinic

BHC has helped us improve our hospital, in measurable ways, across patient care, team culture, growth and profitability.

Syd Southwick, Practice Manager, Alpine Animal Hospital

We’re ready when you are.