Stacy Gentry joins the Blue Heron Consulting team as an Operational Coach, bringing over twenty years of veterinary experience to our clients. She started as a Client Service Representative at Wellington Veterinary Hospital (WVH) in 2001. From the beginning, she has grown there, moving into new positions as opportunities arose, always focusing on her Why ­– connecting with and caring for animals.  In 2016, Stacy become the practice manager and, through this position, was able to make valuable changes to both the hospital and culture. These changes propelled WVH into a four-doctor hospital. In 2018, she became a practice owner, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Along the way, Stacy attended Veterinary Management Institute and coached communications to third-year veterinary students at Colorado State University.

WVH was purchased in 2020 and Stacy found a new opportunity coaching other practice managers. This eye-opening experience allowed her to help cultivate an environment that allowed leadership teams and hospitals to shine.  Stacy knew this was her new path – her new Why.

When Stacy is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Vince, her children, and their numerous pets. She is an avid hiker and loves kayaking and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains; and she is always on the hunt for the next great beer at the many breweries in Colorado!