“Be the change in transforming the veterinary ecosystem”

BHC’s efforts to improve the lives of veterinary practice owners, veterinary team members, clients and patients received a boost through joining the ranks of AAVMC, Trupanion, WVC, Not One More Vet, and others through the MightyVet movement. MightyVet’s mission is to nurture and evolve the veterinary ecosystem for the common good of pets, families and the veterinary professionals entrusted with their care. Our vision is to help educate veterinarians, students, techs and anyone who surrounds them about the challenges and opportunities that those drawn to be a part of the most compassionate and trusted profession in the world can bring. They don’t teach this stuff in school (although, we feel they should), and we hope with some transparency and foresight, we can be a catalyst to help change that. For more on MightyVet, please visit the website.