Tis the season for Santa to be doing his thing,

Delivering the goods and all of that sparkling bling.

He’s off with Dasher, Dancer, Donner, and Blitzen on his heavily loaded sleigh,

Prepared and ready for delivery; all for the big day.

Christmas came early this year for the Hallett crew.

As October rolled around we were introduce to Heron, nicknamed “Blue.”

360 reviews, weekly phone calls, and so it all began,

A change in attitude; not what we CAN’T, but how we can.

We’ve all become familiar with the ever popular protocol,

Lab work, house calls, how to receive a box, home burial, we have it all.

As a team we’ve written, discussed, reviewed, written, discussed, reviewed; even

Created “The Big Book.”

Never to be without the protocol, we have the resource and can always take a look.

Change has come and gone and come and gone again.

“Embrace it,” it’s not how, it’s when.

The Hallett crew is small and a family that lifts each other up,

Each appointment, surgery, or test, with each cat, or each pup.

We have John, Heidi, Mike, and Leyla, Kelly, Whitney, Cyndi, and the Neu.

Samantha, Dani, Christie, and together their patient care no one can deny.

There’s Lauren and Kathy, Deb, Michelle, Debbie, and Pat,

And yes, together, we are “ALL THAT.”

As a team we live our mission of customer service and client care.

That’s just who we are, that’s what we do, whether it’s here or there.