Holiday festivities. Family. Friends. Good food.

Year-end inventory counts. Annual budgeting. Performance reviews.

To some, the above two lines may seem as polarizing as a lump of coal and a shiny new present. Fortunately, for veterinary managers and owners alike, exercises that many designate to the end of the year are in fact, when done right, gifts that keep on giving.

Take performance reviews, for example. At a bare minimum, many of us talk up their value during the interview process and reference them in our employee manuals. Yet, they have a tendency to get quietly shuffled to the backburner or, probably worse yet, burned through during year-end frenzy. There’s a lot of research and articles on the value of performance reviews done right. You can find as many articles on Google regarding the cost – not only financially, but to team morale, culture, client experience and yes, even patient care – to reviews performed poorly. I won’t hold your time hostage by quoting statistics a quick internet search can readily provide. Instead, let’s explore what it takes to develop a gift as valuable as a performance review, executed well.

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