Stith Keiser will be part of a mentorship panel at AVMA Convention 2018, in Denver, Colorado July 13-17, titled: “To Be or Not To Be: The Power of Mentorship.”

Wondering whether you should seek an internship or just go into general practice? Worried whether you’ll be quick and efficient enough to impress your new team? Curious if you’ll produce enough practice income to support yourself as a new hire? These are all questions that race through the minds of new veterinary graduates.

They know the science, they have the skills, and they have the desire to learn and perform, but for some new graduates, there’s a feeling of emptiness and anxiety. That feeling is that of “now I’m the doctor, what do I do?” Many new graduates suffer from this feeling but, no worries, it is very normal. The best way to alleviate some of these feelings is to seek out a great veterinary mentor during the first years of practice.

We have so many wonderful colleagues in our profession who are full of knowledge and skills that they are just waiting to pass on to the next generation. Many students feel that the only way to seek out mentorship is by participating in an internship. Don’t get us wrong, internships serve their purpose, but great mentors can also be found in all other realms of veterinary medicine.

Join the panel on Sunday, July 15th to get your internship-related questions answered and determine if an internship is right for you.